About Ellen

I am a life coach who is passionate about connecting people with what is important to them and who they want to be in this world. Through our work together, clients gain self-knowledge, awareness of what makes them tick and insight into how they relate to those around them. My belief is that when people accept and appreciate their own unique capabilities and intuitions and discover they can stand on their own two feet, they then hold the key to their happiness.

I was born in Chicago, Illinois and educated in Jewish day schools. After high school, with a place secured at the University of Chicago, I traveled to Israel to study for one year and decided during that year that my future was in Israel. I wanted to be the “bridge generation” desiring to have my future children born In Israel. I attended Bar Ilan Law School, completed an L.L.B. and worked as a lawyer until the first of my four children was born, and decided to become a full-time mother. During this time, I became a certified La Leche League Leader acting as a breastfeeding counselor and group leader. Our family lived in Paraguay, Panama and Chicago as emissaries of the Israeli Foreign Ministry.

After moving to Beit Shemesh, Israel I worked for over a decade in employment placement and recruitment. As that era of my life drew to a close, I completed Coach training at the prestigious Coaches Training Institute and was accepted as a certified coach by the Israel Coaches Association. My studies continued at the Jerusalem Coaching Institute and Tal Ben Shahar seminars. Adding to my expertise was a specialized course at the College of Professional and Social Advancement, Tel Aviv for coaching couples, dating and relationships. I also received certification from Mercaz Yahel to be a Jewish Marital Intimacy Counselor. 

Becoming a life coach was a natural progression for me from employment counselor. People often came to me at a crossroads in their lives. They were new in Israel and starting a job search, or they had left or lost a job and needed a new one. Some were entering the work force after a stretch of stay-at-home mothering, while others wanted a change. It became apparent that one of the most important collateral services I was giving clients was listening to them-to their dreams, desires and aspirations, as well as their fears and insecurities. I helped them discover and articulate their strengths and offered encouragement.

As one whose life has included divorce, single-motherhood, relating to an ex-spouse, remarriage and mothering teenagers, my coaching is grounded in life experience. I continue to acquire new experiences as a mother-in-law and grandmother. Writing this I realize that my dream of “growing” my future in Israel is blossoming before my eyes.

If you want to rediscover yourself and release yourself from your present feeling of “stuck-ness” contact me and we’ll set up a free strategy session.

I work out of my home office in Beit Shemesh, over the phone or via internet in English and Hebrew.